LOCO: A Location Based Communication Scheme.


We present, LOcation based COmmunication (LOCO), a new channel for communication for robots that can act as a fail-safe communication mechanism in contexts of radio failures, given a working localization system. With insights from traditional wireless communication, we formulate a channel model for the location based communication channel where the transmitted data is modulated into a set of discrete locations of a robot. The receiving end employs a localization module to estimate the positions of the robot and to demodulate it into received symbols. We further identify the key factors that control the capacity and error performance of this channel: the symbol grid granularity, variance of the localization noise, the frequency of the localization, and the speed of the robot. In this paper, we also present a set of illustrative examples for LOCO along with pertinent analysis via detailed simulation and real-world data based emulation experiments

In Madcom, International Conference on Embedded Wireless Systems and Networks, 2017.