Memory Based Message Eficient Clustering (MMEC) for Enhancement of Lifetime in Wireless Sensor Networks Using a Node Deployment Protocol


The most important property of the wireless sensor networks deployed for their numerous applications is their self-organizing property. The self-organizing property calls for network decomposition into clusters of specific bound. Several clustering algorithms have been proposed. Message efficiency and attainment of cluster bound are the most important parameters of any clustering algorithm. Lack of sufficient power and bandwidth makes the task of clustering even more challenging. In this paper we propose a memory based message efficient clustering algorithm incorporating a probabilistic approach which predetermines the number of nodes to be included in the next hop. This ensures a message complexity much smaller compared to the other clustering algorithms as no extra message is required for deletion of nodes that exceeds the cluster bound and the cluster bound is attained by acquisition of persistent algorithm on the nodes included in last hop. Moreover along with the message efficient clustering we also propose a node deployment protocol which enhances the lifetime of the network.

In Proceedings of International Conference on Communication, Computing & Security 2011