An optimized reduced energy consumption (OREC) algorithm for routing in wireless sensor networks


Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is constrained by limited available energy for data communication. Utilization of energy and enhancing network lifetime is a challenging task for the next generation wireless sensor network. In this paper we have designed an algorithm that performs the routing with low energy consumption. We have experimentally optimized the number of clusters that should be formed for escalating the lifetime of the network with provisions made to include equal number of nodes in each cluster. Our analysis and simulation results show that with realistic radio model we have achieved better load balance than several existing protocols, like LBEERA, HDS, SHORT, PEGASIS, LEACH and BINARY. A suitable node deployment strategy was adopted for ensuring wireless connectivity between each node. Moreover we have made simulations in NS-2 which supports our propositions to a greater extend

International Conference on Advances in Computing and Communications